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Restricted (case by case)

  Auto Dealerships
  Contract Management Services
  Funeral Services
  Guns & Ammo Sales & Manufacturing
  Home Healthcare
  In Home Daycare Centers
  Insurance Companies
  Motorcycle, Boat, ATV, Snow Mobile Dealers
  Pawn Shops/Consignment
  Property Managers/Lessors of Real Estate
  Real Estate Appraisers
  Recycling/Scrap Metal Companies
  Roofers (Commercial & Residential)
  Staffing Companies
  Ticket Brokers
  Trucking Companies (Non Home-Based, 5+ Trucks, Cannot Be       "General Freight")


  Adult Entertainment
  Addiction Rehab Facilities
  Ambulance Services
  ATM Businesses
  Bankrupt Franchises (Quiznos)
  Bail Bonding
  Banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage Lenders
  Blood/Organ Banks
  Call Centers & Answering Services
  Collection Agencies
  Colleges; Schools
  Construction (Ground-up)
  Debt & Tax Reduction Services
  Energy Generation & Distribution
  Factoring; Purchase Order Financing
  Fitness Centers/Gym
  Flea Markets
  Herbal Supplement Companies
  Holistic Doctors
  Home-Based Trucking
  Horoscope/Fortune Telling
  Investment Opportunities & Advice
  Logistics/Freight Forwarding
  Magazine Subscriptions
  Mail Order Coin Sales
  Mailing Companies (Bulk Mailing Agencies)
  Marijuana Dispensary
  Marketing Companies
  Media Publishing & Production
  Mining Companies
  Mobile Home Manufacturers & Parks
  Money Services Businesses
  Multi-Level Marketing
  Non-Bank Finance Companies
  Non-Profit Organizations
  Non-Truck Based Freight Transportation
  Oil & Gas Exploration & Refining
  Payroll Companies
  Payday Lender; Check Cashing

  Personal Trainers
  Precious Metal Sales
  Printing Services
  Pyramid Schemes
  Real Estate Companies
  RV & Trailer Dealer*
  Solar Companies
  Stock Brokerage
  Tax Preparer
  Taxi/Limo Companies
  Telephone Carriers & Resellers
  Title Companies; Escrow Agents
  Transportation (Air/Rail/Bus/Boat)
  Travel Agencies
  Vape Shops & Vaping Products
  Vehicle Manufacturing
  Video Rental
  Wireless Telecommunication Stores

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