401(k) Roll-Over

First Financial’s Roll-Over Business Start-up (ROBS) services that allow our clients to use their own 401(K) or IRA to fund their business, with zero tax or penalty. Start your application today!

About 401(k) Roll-Over

While using retirement funds for business financing isn’t a widely known option, it’s a viable and effective strategy. Our role is to familiarize you with, educate about, and manage this funding approach through the BORSA™ Plan. We provide comprehensive support and advice, helping you understand and leverage the unique advantages of a self-directed 401(k), advantages that aren’t typically available with other financing methods.

The Benefits of this strategy include:

  • Interest-Free, Collateral-Free, and No Credit Score Required
  • Utilize your retirement savings to finance your small business venture

Secure Your Start-Up's Future with Smart Financing

Using your 401(k) for business financing is a savvy strategy that can significantly advance your entrepreneurial endeavors. Our partners simplify this complex process, ensuring it’s beneficial and tailored to your specific needs.

With their guidance, you can confidently explore this unique financing avenue, making strategic decisions that align with your long-term business goals. Let our partners help you harness the power of your 401(k) to fuel your entrepreneurial aspirations — reach out to our team today.