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Welcome to First Financial, where we specialize in providing financing solutions for our valued customers. With over 25 years of industry expertise and a track record of successfully funding over a billion dollars in loans, we take pride in our ability to meet the unique demands of your business.

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Navigating 25 Years of Financing Excellence

In the dynamic world of finance, longevity and success are emblematic of unwavering commitment and unmatched expertise. At First Financial, we’ve carved out a legacy that spans over a quarter of a century, underlining our dedication to every client we’ve served.

A Glimpse into Our Journey

Established in 1997, First Financial emerged with an unyielding commitment to serving our valued clientele, an ambition that still fuels our operations today. Our steadfast approach has empowered countless businesses, resulting in the successful funding of billions for aspiring and established entrepreneurs alike. With more than 25 years of SBA experience in small business financing, when it comes to the SBA program, there is no better resource than First Financial.

First Financial Operations

Our strategic headquarters are located in Fort Lauderdale with satellite locations scattered throughout the US. These operations enable us to serve our vast clientele with efficiency and expertise, providing the funding solutions your business needs.

Expertise that Speaks Volumes — Our Loan Products

Recognizing the diverse financial aspirations of our clients, we offer a gamut of lending products.

Big Ticket Loans

With funds available up to $ 5 million, our Big Ticket Loan is perfect for start-ups, business acquisitions, debt refinance, working capital, inventory and tenant improvements. These loans typically close within 60 business days after a location (if applicable) has been selected.

Business Acquisition Loans

Perfect for those aspiring to own or expand businesses, our Business Acquisition Loans provide our valued customers with flexible and creative financing options tailored specifically for business acquisitions. We believe each acquisition is unique, requiring a personalized approach to financing. 

Commercial Real Estate Loans

First Financial’s Commercial Real Estate Loans allow businesses to purchase real estate, construct new facilities, renovate existing, or make land improvements. Note: these loans have a longer repayment term and competitive rates.

Dream Loans

Our exclusive Dream Loan is tailored for start-up franchises, offering the perfect financing solution to bring your entrepreneurial aspirations to life. 
What sets this loan apart is its incredible feature of 9 months of interest-only payments.

Express Loans

Fast-track your business with up to $150,000 in as little as 14 business days with First Financial’s Express Loans. This SBA-defined loan is designed for start-ups and existing businesses. Get expedited access to working capital with no personal assets used for collateral and low payments.

Working Capital Loans

Tackle the everyday financial challenges of business operations with our Working Capital Loans, which provide rapid and flexible short-term small-business loans for immediate funding needs. First Financial is here to deliver when your business requires quick access to funds without the wait. 

M5 Loan

Exclusively offered to My Military Financial Services, the M5 Loan® provides active military, veterans and their spouses a unique opportunity to qualify for SBA financing, even with reduced net worth or comparable credit history requirements.

401k Rollover

Our 401(k) Rollover service empowers clients to utilize their 401(k) or IRA funds to finance their business ventures while avoiding tax implications and penalties. We make it possible to use personal savings to fuel business dreams.

Equipment Leasing

Opt for First Financial’s Equipment Leasing when you aim to modernize your machinery or office technology without hefty upfront costs, offering flexible leasing terms and potential tax benefits and ensuring business continuity with the latest equipment.

The First Financial Difference

As pioneers in financing, our legacy is defined by countless success stories and dreams realized. Yet, our journey is far from over.

Successfully Funded Over a Billion Dollars in Loans

First Financial legacy is marked by successfully funding over a billion dollars in loans. This achievement underscores our unwavering commitment to financial excellence and client satisfaction.

Beyond Transactions: Our Commitment to You

Finance isn't just about transactions; it's about forging relationships, understanding aspirations, and crafting pathways to success.

Making Your Dreams
a Reality

Everyone deserves financial growth. Whether it's assisting a passionate individual breaking free from the corporate shackles or a seasoned entrepreneur expanding horizons, our solutions are tailor-made for every aspiration.

Be One of Our Success Stories

With a track record of successfully turning millions into monumental successes, we’re not just about numbers— we’re about equipping you with the tools and support needed to navigate the complexities of the funding process. 

The power to shape your financial journey starts here — discover flexible options by calling us today.