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Welcome to First Financial, where we specialize in providing flexible and creative financing solutions for our valued customers. With nearly 25 years of industry expertise and a track record of successfully funding over a billion dollars in loans, we take pride in our ability to structure both conventional and highly sophisticated transactions to meet the unique demands of your business.

Our highly trained professionals are committed to understanding your specific needs and tailoring lending solutions that align with your goals. Whether starting a new venture or looking to acquire an existing small business, we offer a comprehensive range of lending products to fulfill all your funding requirements. Experience the First Financial difference and take the first step towards securing the financing you need. Get started today and let us help you realize your business aspirations.

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Whether you’re embarking on a new business venture or in pursuit of a loan to facilitate growth, our proficiency lies in acquiring funding promptly for your small business, precisely at the moment you require it.

Top 3 Benefits of SBA Loans

Lower down payments

No collateral needed for many loans

Lowest rates

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For Small Business Owners and Aspiring Franchisees:

Discover Your Path to Success with First Financial,
Your Expert Funding Partner. Your success story begins with us.

Potential Franchisees


At First Financial, we stand by your side as franchise ownership becomes a possibility.

Our comprehensive financing solutions are designed to support potential franchisees in securing the funds they need to realize their franchise dreams. Trust us to provide the financial resources that align with your aspirations and business goals.

Potential Franchisees


Our Process: Step-by-Step

Securing Loans for Small Businesses

Starting a new business is a journey filled with choices, and the financing decision is a pivotal one. At First Financial, we’ve meticulously crafted our Small Business Startup Loan Process to streamline your initial steps into the entrepreneurial world.

 Getting pre-approved for an SBA loan is a smooth and simple process with First Financial. Here’s what you can expect:


Review of Funding Options

When considering SBA loans, start by collaborating with one of our business consultants. Our seasoned team will provide a comprehensive review of SBA loan programs, ensuring that you select the most apt funding solution tailored to your specific business requirements.


Get Pre-approved

First Financial’s team will partner with you to gather essential documentation. For pre-approval, the requirements include a Personal Financial Statement, a Credit Report, and a basic questionnaire.
Once pre-approved, the more extensive paperwork begins. This includes the Business Plan, 3-year Projections, and other pertinent documents. First Financial’s team will guide you through this, ensuring your loan package is ready to submit to lenders.


Building a Strong
Business Foundation

Benefit from First Financial’s insights to determine the optimal business structure that aligns with your goals. First Financial will guide you through registering your business name and acquiring the necessary licenses, ensuring compliance and bolstering your business’s credibility.


Seamless Funding

With First Financial’s guidance, you’ll be equipped to assemble a comprehensive loan application package, including all mandated business and financial documents. We’ll be by your side during the approval phase, assisting in finalizing loan terms and ensuring you secure the necessary funding for your business’s aspirations.
With First Financial’s support, maximize the advantages of SBA loans – be it the lower down payments, minimal collateral requirements, competitive interest rates, or extended repayment terms. 

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Welcome to First Financial’s comprehensive products page, where your business’s financial aspirations meet a world of possibilities. We understand that every small business is unique, with its own set of needs and goals. That’s why we’ve curated a diverse range of loan options, each designed to address specific requirements and empower you on your journey to success. Whether you aim to expand, innovate, stabilize, or seize new opportunities, our flexible financing solutions support you at every step. Explore the array of loans we offer and find the perfect fit to fuel your business ambitions.

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