Fast, Flexible Funding With SBA Express Loans

Fast-track your business funding with up to $150K in as little as 14 business days.

Tapping into this resource provides immediate financial leverage and provides your business with the best chance for success.

SBA Express Loan Overview

Express Loans are designed specifically for start-ups, franchises, small businesses, and existing businesses. They are perfect for home-based franchises of all types and service oriented businesses.

Variable interest rate

Based on WSJ Prime Lending Rate + 2.75%. Reviewed quarterly by the Federal Reserve

10-year term

Fully amortized, no pre-payment penalty

Bank closing fees netted from loan proceeds

No personal collateral

Personal Guarantee: No personal collateral Secured by Business assets

SBA guarantee

Increases the prospect of loan acceptance

Bank approval within 1 business day

Close within 14-35 business days

Qualifications and Requirements

Qualifications for our  express loan include:

No excessive bank inquiries

Credit score 685 or higher

10% equity injection (of total project costs)

Meeting post-closing liquidity requirements

Verification of documents (personal and business financials and all SBA forms)

Consulting fee of 2% fee due upon receiving bank approval checklist

Choosing First Financial for Your Express Loans

Navigating the dynamic business environment demands a reliable financial partner. Here’s why First Financial is your best bet.

Over Two Decades of Excellence

Successfully Funded Over a Billion Dollars

Our journey is lined with countless success stories, helping businesses reach new heights and fulfilling their financial dreams.

Fast and Efficient Funding

With our expertise you can navigate the SBA loan process quickly and efficiently. We turn the complexities of securing small business financing into a streamlined, straightforward process.

Trusted Financial Guidance

Strategic Consulting

We ensure that all loan processes comply with SBA guidelines, safeguarding your application from delays, unnecessary expenses, or the risk of decline.

Partnership Approach

We don't see our clients as mere transactional entities. Every interaction is the foundation of a lasting relationship, where we aim to grow and thrive together. We stand with you, continually supporting your evolving business funding needs.

Custom Solutions for Every Client

Tailor-Made Funding

Whether you're setting your first foot forward or have been in the industry for years, our financial solutions are designed to match your phase and pace.

Lending that Fits Your goals

Our financial strategies are versatile, ensuring businesses, irrespective of their industry, find a fitting economic ally in us.

Take the Next Steps with First Financial

Our process is simple, and we’re here to guide you through each step to ensure you get the funding you need.  


No Obligation Consultation

Contact us to schedule a consultation with our experts to gain clarity on your potential funding options. We’re committed to understanding and aligning with your vision.


Pre-Approval Questionnaire

Complete our pre-lending approval form to ensure you’re well-prepared and positioned to obtain the funds you need launch or grow your business.


Guided Approval

With our unwavering support, every step from paperwork to funding approval is handled meticulously. Trust in us to turn your turn your business aspirations into reality.

Accelerate Your Financial Growth
with Express Loans

Securing an express loan can be a game-changer for your start-up franchise or small business. At First Financial, we understand that each moment counts. Ensure your decision is powered by strategic financial support – schedule a consultation today.