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First Financial offers comprehensive lending options tailored to meet your unique funding requirements. From big-ticket loans to business acquisition financing, our solutions are designed to provide the capital your business needs to succeed.

Explore the wide range of services we offer and how we can create the right lending strategy for you.

Understanding the Different Types of Loan Products

From Express Loans to Big Ticket Loans to Commercial Loans, First Financial has options tailored to your needs.

Big Ticket Loans

Big Ticket Loans by First Financial are your go-to solution for life’s more significant financial commitments, from start-ups to business acquisitions. The loan amounts provide the flexibility you need for substantial investments. With longer repayment terms and low interest rates, you’ll find a plan that fits your budget.

Dream Loans

Specially designed for start-up franchises, this unique loan provides the optimal financial support to transform your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Its unique structure offers initial payment flexibility, allowing you to prioritize business growth in the early stages without the burden of hefty immediate repayments.

Business Acquisition Loans

At First Financial, we’re committed to supporting your journey toward business ownership and expansion. Our Business Acquisition Loans are crafted to facilitate the purchase of new business ventures, of both small-scale and larger enterprises. We prioritize flexibility and creativity in our financing solutions, ensuring that each loan is tailored to the unique needs of your acquisition.

Express Loans

Accelerate your business with First Financial’s Express Loans, designed to fast-track your financial needs with up to $150,000 available in as little as 14 business days. These loans are a perfect fit for start-ups and existing businesses, including home-based franchises, providing expedited access to working capital without the need for personal assets as collateral.

Working Capital Loans

Managing working capital is crucial for the smooth operation and growth of any business, addressing everything from payroll and rent to inventory and utilities. We offer a vital financial buffer to meet everyday operational costs, ensuring that your company maintains its ability to fulfill short-term financial commitments while also seizing growth opportunities.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Our Commercial Real Estate Loans are specifically tailored for the purchase of commercial structures for your business such as store fronts, office buildings or industrial warehouses (must be owner occupied). With a commercial mortgage from First Financial, you maintain complete ownership of your business, reaping the benefits of any property appreciation and improved cash flow (no speculation loans available).  

Unlocking Additional Financial Opportunities

At First Financial, we go beyond traditional lending options, opening doors to additional financial opportunities that can accelerate your growth.

M5 Loans

M5 Loans offer customizable loan amounts and terms, making them an ideal financial solution for veterans and active military members looking to start a business.

Key Features and Benefits

Ideal Scenarios for Usage

401k Rollover

Navigating retirement savings can be complex, but 401k Rollovers are designed to empower clients to utilize their 401(k) or IRA funds to finance their business ventures

Key Features and Benefits

Ideal Scenarios for Usage

Equipment Leasing

When you need to upgrade your equipment but prefer to conserve your cash flow, our Equipment Leasing options are an optimal solution.

Key Features and Benefits

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How to Find the Right Loan Product for You

First Financial helps simplify this decision with expert consultations and an array of options suited to your requirements.

Assessing Your Financial Needs

First Financial offers a comprehensive assessment, ensuring that your chosen loan product aligns seamlessly with your goals and capabilities.

Current Financial Situation

Knowing where you stand financially will help you identify the loan products you can comfortably afford.

Long and Short-Term Goals

Are you planning to start a new business or purchase and existing? Your goals will help shape the type of loan that's right for you.

Loan Eligibility and Requirements

Please familiarize yourself with our eligibility criteria and required documentation to expedite your loan approval journey.

Pre Approval

First Financial offers a pre-approval consultation to help you identify the loan products you qualify for within minutes.

Consulting With Our Experts

For a more personalized approach, our experts will discuss your circumstances and guide you toward the loan products that align with your financial objectives.

How First Financial Makes the Difference

Expertise in Funding

With years of experience and hundreds of millions of dollars successfully funded, First Financial has the expertise to handle standard and complex loan structures.

Creative Financing Solutions

We understand that each client’s financial needs are unique. That’s why we offer creative financing solutions that provide the flexibility you need to achieve your goals.

Swift Processing

Understanding the urgency of funding needs, we are committed to doing everything within our power to expedite the approval and disbursement process, Our Team works diligently to ensure that you receive the funds as soon as possible.

Proven Track Record

Our long-standing history of customer satisfaction and successful loan agreements is a testament to our quality of service.

Take the Next Step in Your Financial Journey

Taking the next step in your financial journey is often a blend of strategy and action. A well-chosen loan product can be the cornerstone in achieving both your short-term tasks and long-term goals. First Financial will help you lay the groundwork for financial security and future success.

Discover the loan products that best suit your financial objectives — request a consultation today.