Partners in Progress with First Financial

Navigating the financial landscape can often feel overwhelming, but you’re in expert hands with First Financial. We specialize in providing a range of lending products to franchisees and small business owners designed to address all your funding requirements. Through our partnerships we can pair you with credit consultants to address credit concerns or with My Franchise CPAs to help get through some of the initial paperwork from setting up the business entity to ongoing accounting solutions.

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Our Franchising Partners

We help connect you with the resources and individuals needed to help secure funding for your business.


First Financial maintains robust connections with leading franchisors and private equity firms across the country. Our expertise and benefit lie in guiding prospective franchisees through prequalification and selection of the appropriate financial product. The franchisor benefits through quick identification of qualified candidates. Utilization of First Financial and the power of SBA loans allow for franchisors to grow exponentially over a cash and roll-over only model. SBA loans provide working capital helping to ensure new franchisees are well capitalized and are prepared for turbulent years of business ownership. Lower default rates and successful franchisees help franchisors grow their brand.

Coaches and Consultants

Franchise consultants and coaches are pivotal in assisting entrepreneurs to identify their interests, strengths, and passions, guiding them towards suitable new business or franchise opportunities. These franchise professionals ensure that franchisees are informed about their funding options at the onset of the process, to prevent progressing too far without pre-qualification.

First Financial advocates for pre-qualification, enabling both consultants and coaches to operate more effectively with entrepreneurs, thus saving time and resources for all involved. More importantly, the potential small business owner has an understanding of the amount for which they may qualify.


Tax and accounting complexities are major challenges for franchisees in the early stages of starting a business. They often rely on CPA’s for guidance in regulatory and accounting matters. Our trusted partners at My Franchise CPA’s can assist any or all of the items below:

  • Entity Creation Support: Help franchisees establish their legal business entity.
  • Licensing Guidance: Assist franchisees in identifying and securing the necessary licenses.
  • Cash Flow Analysis: Provide franchisees with detailed cash flow analysis.
  • Accounting Services: Offer accounting support to franchises and small businesses.

Credit Advocates

Recognizing the complexities of credit management, we can provide credit consultants who are dedicated to assisting those in need of improving their credit health. Our experts are not only knowledgeable in the nuances of credit maintenance but also in strategies to effectively boost credit scores. An advocate can serve as a guiding hand, helping clients navigate the often-confusing landscape of credit management.

  • Offer personalized credit consulting to devise strategies for credit improvement.
  • Educate clients on the factors impacting credit scores and methods to enhance them.
  • Collaborate closely with clients to ensure a clear path towards better credit, aligning with their financial goals for long-term success.

Navigating Your Financial Journey
with Expertise and Care

At First Financial, we understand that the financial landscape can be daunting. That’s why we’re here to offer expert guidance every step of the way. Specializing in a diverse range of lending products for small business owners and franchisees, we’re equipped to meet all your funding needs.

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