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Gain access to working capital. Perfect for new businesses, franchises, and existing businesses. Our 10-year term, coupled with a simple interest rate, provides our clients with a competitive loan that moves them one step closer to fulfilling their dream.

Perfect for franchise start-ups or existing businesses

Designed specifically for:


  • Business Acquisitions

  • Expansions

  • Working Capital Injections

Variable interest rate:


  • Capped at WSJ Prime Rate + 2.75%

  • Reviewed quarterly by Federal Reserve

  • Currently near historic lows 

  • Secured by business assets

  • No personal collateral required for strong candidates

  • 10-year term, no pre-payment penalty 

  • Closes within 60 business days

  • Required equity injection starting at 20% of total project cost from non-borrowed sources

  • Requires a business banking checking account to be established with the lending institution.

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