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Our equipment leasing arrangements make is possible for businesses to gain access to the latest equipment, tools, and technology necessary to succeed today and in the foreseeable future.

  • 36, 48, or 60 month terms are available   

  • Interest rates: 8%-18%+

  • 630+ score required

  • Quotes/Invoices from vendors for equipment desired

  • Multiple vendor invoices can be processed simultaneously

  • For a complete list of required documentation, Click Here ​​

​​​The Advantages of Equipment Leasing

It’s a brand-new business world and to enjoy success in the face of stiff competition, businesses need to know that they always have access to financing for the tools and technology they need to create a competitive advantage – tools and technology that they’ll be able to use to not only succeed in the modern business environment, but to dominate an industry.

  • Use the Latest Equipment
    Our equipment leasing arrangements guarantee that businesses have almost instant access to the latest and best equipment, tools, and technology necessary for success.
  • Free Up Credit & Capital
    Our clients can take advantage of cutting-edge technology that puts them ahead of their competition without having to diminish bank accounts or overextend credit lines.
  • Low Down Payment
    Understanding that capital is a key component of modern success, we work with our clients to make sure they have access to business critical equipment without risk to their bank account.
  • Other Advantages of Equipment Leasing?
    Leasing creates a Tax Advantage Leasing allows greater control over Cash Flow Leasing is protection against equipment obsolescence Leasing adds flexibility
  • What Kinds of Equipment Can I Lease?
    The answer is pretty simple, you can lease just about any equipment your business needs, new or used. A credit check, 3 months of bank statement and the invoice/quotes from the equipment vendor is all it takes. Approvals are completed in as little as 24 hours. Below is a short list of the types of equipment we have leased. If your equipment is not listed, please call us at (800).956.7313 Air Conditioning Equipment Aircraft Broadcasting Equipment Buses Cement Mixers Chemical Handling Equipment Chiropractic Equipment Commercial Kitchen Equipment Commercial Sewing Machines Communications Equipment Compressed Air Equipment Computer Equipment Construction Equipment Copiers Cranes Decorative Art Dental Equipment Drill Presses Drilling Equipment Environmental Equipment Farm Machinery Fax Machines Film Processing Equipment Food Handling Equipment Forestry Equipment Forklift Trucks Heating Equipment Hoist Hotel Equipment Industrial Equipment Jewelry Makers Equipment Laminating Equipment Lathes Lighting Equipment Limos Manufacturing Equipment Medical Equipment Metal Forming Equipment Metal Plating Equipment Milling Machines Office Equipment Office Furniture Paint Spray Equipment Paper Shredders Phone Systems Photographic Equipment Pizza Ovens Plants Polishing Equipment Power Plant Equipment Railroad Equipment Recycling Equipment Refrigeration Equipment Sawmill Equipment Scientific Equipment Shelves and Display Cases Shelving and Display Cases Ships Sound Equipment Store Lighting and Fixtures Swimming Pools Equipment Television and Home Theater Equipment Bucket Trucks TV Studio Equipment Video Equipment Water Purification Equipment Water Treatment Equipment Welding Equipment Woodworking Equipment

Explore some of the benefits Leasing can bring to your company below:

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