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First Financial provides flexible and creative financing
for its customers.  With 25 years of experience, and millions of dollars worth of loans funded to our valued clients, our team of highly trained professionals can structure both conventional, and highly sophisticated transactions to meet your business demands.  

Fast track your business with up to $150k in 35 business days or less. Expedited access to working capital with no personal assets used for collateral, low payments, and SBA defined, simple interest rates.

Fast, Flexible, Funding!

Designed specifically for start-up and existing businesses

  • Perfect for home-based franchises of all types

Variable interest rate based on WSJ Prime Lending Rate + 2.75%

  • Reviewed quarterly by Federal Reserve

  • 10-year term, fully amortized, no pre-payment penalty

  • Bank closing fees netted from loan proceeds

Personal guarantee; No personal collateral

  • Secured by Business assets

SBA Guarantee

  • Increases the prospect of loan acceptance

  • Bank approval within 1 (one) business day

  • Closes within 30-45 business days

Qualifications and Requirements


  • No excessive bank inquiries 

  • Credit score 685 or higher 

  • 10% equity injection (of total project costs)

  • Must meet post-closing liquidity requirements 

  • Verification of documents (personal and business financials and all SBA forms) 

  • Consulting fee of 2% fee due upon receiving bank approval checklist

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