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First Financial's Dream Loan

Fueling Start-Up Franchises with 9 Months of Interest-Only Payments!

What Is a dream lOAN?

First Financial's Dream Loan: Fueling Start-Up Franchises with 9 Months of Interest-Only Payments!
Paragraph: Are you dreaming of starting your own franchise? Look no further than First Financial's Dream Loan! Our exclusive Dream Loan is tailored for start-up franchises, offering the perfect financing solution to bring your entrepreneurial aspirations to life. 
What sets this loan apart is its incredible feature of 9 months of interest-only payments. Say goodbye to immediate full loan repayments and embrace the opportunity to focus on growing your business during those crucial early months. 

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Dream Loan: $250k - $350k
9 Months, Interest Only

  • Variable interest rate: 

    • 9 months interest only, limitations apply, 

    • Capped at WSJ Prime Rate + 2.75% 

    • Reviewed quarterly by Federal Reserve Secured by business assets

  • No personal collateral is required for strong candidates

  • 10-year term, no pre-payment penalty 

  • Closes within 60 business days after location selection 

  • Required equity injection starting at 20% of total project cost from non-borrowed sources 

  • Additional $25k Line of Credit at closing

  • Requires a business banking checking account to be established with the lending institution.


Contact us today to help you get your franchisees funded fast.

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