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The M5 Loan® is a military only variant of the SBA 7A LOAN. It was founded by a Veteran for Veterans, Active Military or their Spouses.

M5 Loan® benefits include:

  • No comparable credit required (if separation is within 5 years)

  • Minimal net worth required (if separation is within 5 years)

  • Reduced post-closing liquidity requirements for Active-Duty personnel and those that have been separated less than a year

  • Expedited processing

Requirements to qualify for the M5 Loan® 

  • Verification of military status (i.e., DD-214 or current LES)

  • Outstanding credit card debt not to exceed 40% Credit usage

  • Credit score must be 685 or Higher

  • Start-ups and new businesses in operation less than 2 years require minimum cash injection of 10% of overall project cost. The funds used for the injection must come from non-borrowed sources.

  • Personal liquidity will depend on industry. Call for more information on liquidity requirements.

For more information on the M5 Loan® visit us at

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