Other First Financial Products

First Financial provides flexible and creative financing for its customers. With over 25 years of experience and over a billion dollars worth of loans funded to our valued clients, our highly trained professionals can structure conventional and highly sophisticated transactions to meet your business demands.

M5 Loan

EXCLUSIVELY For Military & Veterans

First Financial’s M5 Loan® is dedicated to empowering veterans and their spouses with specialized SBA financing options. Tailored specifically for members of the military community and available exclusively through My Military Financial Services, the M5 Loan® makes SBA financing more accessible, accommodating even those with lower net worth or less established credit histories.

We warmly encourage veterans seeking financial assistance for starting or expanding their businesses to explore our M5 Loan®. Visit our website or give us a call to learn more about how we can support your entrepreneurial endeavors in your post-military life. Our team is here to help you leverage the financial tools and support you’ve earned.

Equipment Leasing

Fostering Business Growth with Advanced Equipment Leasing Options

At First Financial, we understand the importance of having access to modern equipment, tools, and technology for a business to excel in the current competitive market. This understanding drives us to provide extensive equipment leasing options, enabling businesses to acquire the necessary tools for immediate and future success.

Our leasing solutions are designed for flexibility and customization to meet your unique business needs, helping you preserve capital while accessing cutting-edge equipment. From machinery and technology to vehicles and more, our leasing programs ensure your business is equipped with the latest tools to maintain a competitive edge in your field.

401(K) Roll-Over

401(k) Rollover: Finance Your Business Without Taxes or Penalties

Our specialized 401(k) Rollover services enable clients to strategically use their 401(k) or IRA savings for business financing without incurring any tax or penalty. This service is designed to help you tap into your personal savings to support your entrepreneurial ambitions. Our skilled team is committed to providing a straightforward and efficient rollover process.

Rely on First Financial for a proficient and professional handling of your 401(k) Rollover, facilitating a seamless shift of funds from retirement savings to business funding. Overcome financial hurdles and step confidently into business ownership by getting in touch with us.

Short-Term Small Business Loans

Adaptable Short-Term Small Business Loans Efficient and Adaptable Short-Term Loans for Instant Small Business Financing

At First Financial, we’re committed to providing prompt financial solutions when your business demands immediate access to funds. Our short-term loans for small businesses are crafted for speed and flexibility, ensuring you’re equipped to address your urgent financial requirements. We recognize that, unlike lengthy traditional loan procedures, small businesses often need quicker financial responses.

Our efficient 5-minute application and rapid processing are designed to approve your loan quickly, often within 24 hours. Whether it’s for unforeseen costs, managing cash flow interruptions, or capitalizing on urgent business opportunities, our short-term loans are here to offer the necessary financial aid exactly when it’s needed.